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Our count
for the year ending 2011:

•  Over 364,000 Devotional 911 Cards & small cards
•  Over 10,000 Sportsmens Bibles!
•  Over 330 bibles to prisons so far!

Thank You To All The Sportsmen That Helped Hand Them Out!

If You Would Like More Cards Please Let Us Know. We Now Have Devotional Stickers: We Have Given 9,500 To Give Out. It  Looks Like Logo below. We Now Have Sportsmens Bible’s For A Small Donation! Please Let Us Know!the Bible Only  Cost Nothing. That Is Our Cost Plus Shipping But We Will Take Any Donation! Join Our Dream Team Make Kids Dream Come True  For $25.00 A Month! The Cards,stickers Are Free!
We Are Now Sending Devotional  Cards To The Salvation Army In Every State!